5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Reception Decorating

5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Reception Decorating

Luciana Shiokawa
4 minute read

It's your first party as husband and wife, and it happens within hours of the ceremony.  There is a LOT of pressure to make sure it's the best bash you will ever throw for yourself and everyone in attendance.  Then you throw in the social media posts and Pinterest boards, and you have additional pressures to try to make it elegant, stylish, and romantic.  All while staying inside your budget.  That's a tall order, especially in today's times when everything seems to cost more.  Here are 5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Wedding Reception Decorating from us at Sweet N Flowers to help you get the look you want while not breaking your budget and still keeping your sanity!

  • Artificial Flowers: we know they've been given a bad rap, but don't stop reading.  Natural flowers will cost you approximately 10-15% of your wedding budget (based on 2021 wedding trends), and that is going light and not getting everything you want.  Here's our suggestion: mix your artificial flowers with your real flowers in the ceremony venue, it will be bright and happy, and the scents and the look will be extraordinary.  Then, when it's evening, and it's time for your reception in a hall with muted romantic lighting, a dance floor that will potentially be the primary source of light, go with all artificial flowers.   (See our blogs about DIY Tips for Elegant and Classy Wedding Banquet Tables and Tips for Elegant Tablescapes For Weddings for some creative ideas.)  It also really depends on where you get your flowers.  For example, ALL of our flowers are handcrafted to match your colors and theme, so you will get an exquisite feel without a ton of cost.

  • Less can be more: instead of doing a floral centerpiece on each table, get yourself some mirrors, in frames, with creative beveled edges, from antique stores or swappers meets.  Use candles and a mix of glass decor beads or artificial flower petals (which you can buy in bulk) and create your own low-key but romantic centerpieces for the guests.  Keep your head table and cake tables with a mix of natural and artificial flowers for the centerpieces.  You can strategically place them to make focal points around the room, which will help break up the space and make it feel more inviting.

Sweet N Flowers centerpiece at wedding show

  • Pinterest images are staged: Many of the photos you see on Pinterest that make you ooh and ahh are professionally staged and would cost thousands to recreate the whole scene.  Instead of doing the entire scene, pick one thing that you like out of the image and then find a way to incorporate that one aspect into your reception.  
  • Find something that will work with your reception space:  For example, my reception hall would not let us hang anything, so we had to create a frame with white PVC pipe, then cover that with the twinkle lights and tulle and place it behind the head table.  Don't get disheartened; get creative.  It's your day; you need to remember it fondly as well.


  • Don't stress over others' expectations: You saw me say in number one that I said we know artificial flowers get a bad rap.  People like to say many things about how you should do this, that, or the other thing.  The big thing is, it's YOUR wedding.  It's YOUR budget.  It's YOUR day.  You can only do what you can with the space, budget, and time you have available.  

Let us know or share pictures with us if you've used any of the ideas above in combination with our handcrafted, unique flowers.  We would love to see how we helped make your bash one you will remember fondly forever. 

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