10 easy steps to a memorable Valentine's Day

10 easy steps to a memorable Valentine's Day

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Don’t be the person who completely forgets about Valentine’s Day and/or decides it’s just a holiday designed to make you spend money, so you wait until the last minute. You know, that cavalier person stopping at the grocery store at 5pm on 2/14 to get a bland card and some roses (if they have any left because you aren’t the only one doing this today).  Yeah, “THAT PERSON!” Don’t be that person! We've got 10 easy steps to make this Valentine's Day the most memorable yet!

Look, there are many reasons this might be your Modus Operandi, but let’s talk about what every partner wants (especially your partner).  One word: ROMANCE.

If you’ve been together for years and years as my husband and I have, and you have teenagers, full-time jobs, kid things going on every night and every weekend, not to mention trying to find time to spend with your own friends, chances are you haven’t really had a romantic night in a LONG time.  Neither of you has time.

So, here’s my proposition: take one night the weekend of Valentine's Day, send the kids for a sleepover with a friend or with family, and show them how much they mean to you.  Revel in the reason you got together in the first place.  Remind each other of all the years you’ve spent together and the joy and light that is your partner in crime even as staid ol’ parents.  (Don’t lie, we all feel that way at times, and it’s ok.)

Here’s a quick 10 step checklist to make your night memorable and remind yourselves of the fun of romancing each other.  (Trust me, they’ve gotten something for you, and it’s not last minute!)

  1. Order in your favorite restaurant as a couple (bonus points for the restaurant you went to on your first date if it’s still around and close!)
  2. Clean off the table from the homework, bills, and random stuff your kid's pile on it and put on the lovely table cloth. (You know the one she gets out when relatives are coming over, that one.)
  3. Get out the wedding china. (Big Plate on the bottom, medium-sized plate on the top of that one, smallest plate on the top of that and then the small bowl on top of those three)
  4. Grab those cloth napkins and wrap them around the silverware.  Put the knife on the bottom, the fork in the middle, and then spoon on the top of the fork.  If you have napkin holders, use one. If not, use a ribbon to tie the silverware together.
  5. Get two tapered candles for the romantic lighting
  6. Add your wine glasses
  7. Add your one-of-a-kind, hand-made, limited edition, gorgeous flowers from Sweet N Flowers in the bowl as a table decoration. (Because “All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” - Charles Schulz)

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  8. Put your take-out on serving platters (don’t just plunk the containers on the table, it’s allllll about the presentation!).
  9. Turn on some soft music (more bonus points for a song from your wedding or first date).
  10. Greet your love after work, take their hand, and surprise them with all your hard work and your beautiful candlelight dinner! (They don’t need to know it wasn’t all that hard to do!).

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