It's Squad Night, Do it right!

It's Squad Night, Do it right!

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Valentine's day is over, and some in your squad might be feeling down.  Or maybe it's just been a while since you've been together.  Why not have a squad night and celebrate your friendship?  

Show them how much you care by taking care when setting up your night.  Whether it's a night out with your friends and an overnight in a hotel, or a night in, we've got ideas for Doing Your Next Squad Night Right! 

So let's get into how to set your table with a centerpiece and special drink glasses for your fantastic, supportive, and loved friends.

Idea one: the night out and then back to a hotel, sleep in, and do brunch the next day.

You've all made your reservations, but you have something special in mind to start the night off with (or to wake up to), a gorgeous little snack buffet where you can all munch away while catching up and waiting for all the attendees and getting ready for whatever the next few hours will bring.  Let's give your guests a 5-star hotel centerpiece that no one else can duplicate, and you can put together for under $50!

Start with a basket and some greenery from your local craft store. I like these from Michaels Arts and Crafts:

Treasure Chest Basket (because gold-wrapped chocolate in a silk flower is a treasure!)

Use some greenery as a filler to really add some extra panache.  Why not this Filler Greenery with lights because what a great backdrop when you can't have candles to have backlighting.

Next, pick your favorite flower from our products; I simply love the elegance of the Latte Organza box of 9 flowers for $16.   It allows you to fill that little box up and still have some flowers leftover to make it look like your treasure is spilling out onto the table.

Elegant silk flower with chocolate center in a gorgeous series of shimmery browns and golds

Last, pop in those Ferrero Rocher Fine Chocolates.

And you are DONE with idea one!  See how easy it was to make a crazy gorgeous centerpiece?  This image one of our clients sent us sparked the idea for this blog post, and it is such an elegant design.

Centerpiece basket with hanging candle holders and all are filled with Sweet N Flowers decorations and chocolates

Idea two for less than $50: The night in, cozy PJ's, fuzzy socks, a special drink in your hand, and your squad surrounding you laughing and doing what you do.

I'm not big on clubbing, shopping (I know, weird, right?!), or even an extravagant dinner.  I like my quiet time with my squad, being able to laugh, talk, and be comfortable. Not having to worry about drinking and then traveling anywhere and making sure everyone is ok.  Let's just all hang out, and we can all crash at my place or your place; I'm not picky. (I just want fuzzy socks and comfy loungewear with no judgment and a glass of wine or a good martini!)

A client sent us in this picture that I am definitely working into my next squad night; I'm thinking martini's and Bond, James Bond...

A martini glass that has a Sweet N Flowers bloom in it holding a chocolate as a special gift for the squad night attendee

Before everyone arrives, pull out those martini glasses and some of your leftover ribbon from the last gift, holiday, or even some special ribbon you bought to match your glasses.  Set the martini glasses on an elegant tray or just the middle of the table in a pattern based on how many attendees are coming.  I have five and will be making a shape with the liquor bottles in the middle, and the ribbon loosely draped around the bottles and stems of the glasses.

My flower for this one will be the Royal and Magnificent box of 12.

Royal and Magnificent- box of 12 flowers

Royal and Magnificent- box of 12 flowers


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  I have a clear glass without any colors, so this will be an elegant pop of color against my plain tablecloth and will jazz up Squad Night and start my Bond theme off right! It will also let my guests leave with more than just a fun memory; they will have a flower that they can look at next time they are down and smile, remembering all the laughs.

Beautiful blue and gold silk flowers that can hold a Ferrero Rocher chocolate in the center

We hope you enjoyed our blog ideas this week, and if you do try any of our ideas and tips, please send us a picture; we'd love to see how your creation turns out!

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