Perfect Easter Dinner Host Gift

Perfect Easter Dinner Host Gift

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You've been invited to Easter dinner, and you need the Perfect Easter Dinner Host Gift.  Don't worry, here at, we know that it's hard enough heading to a big bash, let alone bringing an appropriate host gift.  Here is an easy idea for a host gift that will be individual and classy.

    Go Traditional with a unique twist and bring "Wine in a Box." But we're not talking the kind that pours out of a box, but almost a picnic-packed inspired beautiful gift. Bring the wine in a basket with some Sweet N Flowers Truffle holders inside of some nice wine glasses, a couple of Easter-themed napkins, and of course, the chocolate.  It will be an extremely individual gift, but if you include a serving platter and mix in some real flowers, you will hit that "favorite guest of the year" status.  Here are our favorites to put together this idea:

    Basket from Joann Fabric that has a lid for safe transport of the bottle, glasses, and gorgeous Sweet N Flowers truffle holders. It will also make wrapping with a ribbon easy because it has a closing lid. (All of the items linked below should fit inside the box): 

    Next, your serving platter. The one we chose fits in with your easter theme: 

    Some fun Easter color napkins (we liked this pink) to wrap around and under the glasses and keep them from breaking: 

    Then the wine glasses: You might want to only include 2, or you will run out of room.

    Add your Sweet N Flowers truffle holders inside the glasses: White Lace Easter Flower

    Last is the wine (or sparkling water if you don't want to bring alcohol).  We have included a link to 10 Easter Wine Pairings so that you can pick the one that best fits what the meal will be. Or that you know your host prefers.  As long as it's a standard size, the bottle will fit in the basket. 

    We hope you enjoyed our tip on a great Easter-themed host gift.  You can certainly change out the holiday and the platter and use this same idea for any other dinner event as well. And, if you put a basket together, contact us and share!  Send us a picture of your finished product and show us how you made this idea all yours! 

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