Wholesale Collection

Wholesale Collection

Welcome to our Sweet n' Flowers team!

Buying new and unique merchandise for your store can be daunting - We are here to help!

If you are a flower shop owner, a event designer, party coordinator or someone looking for a unique and high quality product, you just found a one-of-a-kind product!

All hand-made in the USA, with high quality fabric and great workmanship. Need more to convince you to work with us? We have great prices! Brand new market and unexplored!

Fabric flowers as sweet holders is a new idea in party decoration and favors. Very trendy in Brazil, Luciana's country, these flowers are a must in any event in Brazil. And now, we can work together to make it a tradition in the USA.

Who doesn't like uniqueness? Elegance? I do!

That's why we decided to bring this party decor concept to people in America, but we do need partners like you. Working together, will be able to help brides, event coordinators, and others with elegant event goals all over this country. People, who, right now, are looking for new ideas to wow their guests.

At Sweet n' Flowers we are committed to delivering high quality products and making every single order a special one.

To make a wholesale order and check on wholesale pricing, please schedule a call with Luciana using our website “Schedule a call with me” button on the home page, or, contact Luciana via email using the “contact us” page.  Prices shown in the wholesale collection are for a single sample flower.