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blush flowers with gold acent sitting on top of a glass votive. Inside the flowers there is round chocolate truffles

Party Favors For Guests

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are many different steps to plan and consider. The season, the colors for the decorations, type of flowers, guests, invitations, and of course, the wedding favors!

Wedding favors or guests’ gifts are an essential touch to your wedding and cannot be ignored. After everything is said and done, a wedding favor is a recollection that family members and friends will take home. Plus, giving favors to your guests is a very delicate way to thank them for celebrating your extraordinary day with you.

Finding a unique party favor can be challenging. And many times, we can get frustrated because it seems that no matter where we search the options are always the same. Not anymore!

In 2017 we started making unique fabric flowers chocolate holders here in the USA. It’s okay if you haven’t heard about them. It’s a new concept in decoration that we are bringing from my country Brazil. Back in my country, these flowers are trendy and used for all types of events. Besides adding so much value to a table escape, they are gorgeous favors for guests.

We decided to bring this Brazilian tradition into the USA market for a few reasons:

  1. Flowers are present in all types of decoration;
  2. They add so much beauty to any decoration;
  3. They are customizable to match any wedding colors;
  4. They last longer and are reusable.

 The list goes on and on, but I believe that there isn’t anything sweeter than flowers and chocolates, and we can put them together in an exquisite way! 

Luciana Shiokawa