Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers
Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers
Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers
Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers
Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers

Garnet Cabernet- box of 12 flowers

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Red jewel tones abound as the light catches these satin fabric truffles. Gold or silver wrapped candies will sparkle and attract the most discerning eye,
as your staff sets the head table with these gems. Beware, imaginations can run wild when deciding how to play with table arrangements and other garnishes.

Spoiler alert: You may have too much fun and your head may be
bursting with ways to arrange these fun and fancy flowers.Are you looking for something special to surprise your guests at your event? We are glad you are here!

It does not really matter if this is a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or just hosting a dinner at your house. Our hand made fabric flowers will add a very special and classy touch to any occasion. They would also make a beautiful and delicate gift or party favor!!

We are sure that your friends have never seen anything like that! You are the one introducing it to them. Plus, what a cute thing! Don't you agree with us? Flowers and chocolate are a perfect combination! The sweetest one!

These sweet holders can be used for any occasion. Perfect and elegant to decorate any table at any event!

We have a variety of colors, styles, and shapes.

Color: This listing is for a box of 12 flowers made of red burgundy satin and imported silver mesh decor. You can order as many as you would like to.

If you need a bigger number for your event, please contact our shop. We may need additional time to make the flowers. We also offer a special price based on the amount of flowers.

Please, remember our flowers are hand made. For this reason you may notice little differences between them. We do guarantee quality and satisfaction!

If you aren't feeling confident to order our flowers please, contact us. We will send to you a sample of your favorite flower you to make sure you'll get what you want.

If you have any question please, feel free to contact me.

Note, we don’t sell chocolates or truffles.